JEDI LIFE Star Wars Inspired Vinyl Sticker Vinyl Decal window laptop Oracal

  • $3.25

Stormtrooper Over Empire Vinyl Decal
Package will include 1 Storm Trooper sticker.

Decal is approximately 5.75" X 1" in size

Made with high quality Oracal 631 vinyl, the industry standard for vinyl.

Meant to withstand 5 years of outdoor use. Sticks to any clean smooth surface.

Includes Transfer Tape applied to decal for smooth installation

The background will be whatever you install it on.

Our stickers can be applied to any non porous, flat to slightly curved surface: Windows, Walls, School folders, Mirrors, Painted Surfaces, Cars, Trucks, SUVs, Semis, Trailers, Jet Skis, Boats, Plexiglass, Banners, ATVs, Motorcycles, Lockers, Helmets, Skateboards, Snowboards, Mailboxes and much more